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Tips that will help you to recycle your box

We all know and are familiar with the excitement that arises when a long-awaited package arrives at our doorstep. In a hurry, you tear off the packing tape to reveal the much-needed product you’ve been waiting for. But once the merchandise is unpacked, you’re suddenly left with bulky, used kraft boxes. It’s not just the post office or the courier company that fills our limited space with cardboard packaging. They appear when we move to a new house, store some new things or even when we order a pizza. Instead of simply throwing them in the trash, you might be thinking about how to recycle cardboard packing. Believe it or not, recycling cardboard boxes is not easy for everyone.

The recycling process can sometimes be quite confusing. Some people have access to recycling bins or areas with better cardboard disposal facilities. But others don’t share that luxury. So while you may feel a little guilty about that mountain of cardboard you’re left with after moving, you can feel a lot better about it if you take the time to recycle it properly. Here’s how to recycle cardboard packings in easy ways;

1. Break all your kraft boxes

It is much easier for you and your waste disposal contractor to kraft boxes when they are broken. To ensure they are suitable for re-use, make sure each one is empty and break each one, so it is completely flat. If any part of it has been damaged by the leaked substance (including water), cut off that part of the cardboard – saturated cardboard is extremely difficult for companies to recycle, even after drying. Remember that removing the packing tape or adhesive labels is unnecessary before folding the packaging, as You can easily remove them in recycling facilities. But if you have the time, go ahead and do it anyway.

2. Store Kraft boxes somewhere dry until recycling day

Even after completely using these boxes, you still need to be careful to keep them dry. So while you may get ready to hide them out of sight, make sure they’re somewhere they’ll stay safe and dry until recycling day rolls around. There is no recycling market for wet cardboard; even small wet spots may jeopardize the recycling process. Again, if the moisture ends on the packing, cut off that piece to save the rest.

3. Check with your waste management company 

Cardboard packages take up much space in recycling bins, even when folded. However, not all waste management companies will accept additional materials that remain outside the bin. So before you put the broken boxes next to your recycling bin, give your waste management company a quick call to see if they still pick them up. If not, plan to recycle the custom kraft boxes in batches, tossing what fits in the bin and saving the rest for next week. Alternatively, you can find a place to drop off your broken wholesale kraft boxes for recycling at once.

4. Compost them

Cardboard can easily go to a compost pile and is useful for mulching and gardening. This also applies to wet cardboard, considering that the substance it contacts is edible (remove unclean areas with spilt cleaning agents, bath products or other inedible substances). If you don’t compost at home, call nearby farms or garden centres to see if they show interest in your used cardboard. You can also donate it to a composting facility.

5. Make drawer dividers

Right after moving is a great time for better organizing the home. Cut up cardboard to create simple dividers to use to keep drawers organized. It’s an easy DIY project that can give new life to your old cardboard. You can find the procedure for how to do it here. We could all use a little more storage. Cover the used kraft boxes wholesale with fabric to give them a new look and a sturdier feel. Then use them to store anything from toys to clothes in your pantry.

6. Save them for shipping or home purposes

If you own a business or ship many packages, you can turn your cardboard boxes into shipping ones. Stick to what you think you can use and pack them to save space. When it’s time to ship something, put that back and use it as needed. If you plan to paint the walls in your new home, break up the cardboard and cut one of the folded seams to make them as large as possible. Then use them on the floor as a layer of protection. If you have a wood floor, use masking tape to secure the boxes without risking damage.

One of the best things about kraft boxes is their versatility after you’re done with them. With so many ways to recycle them, there is no excuse for letting your packaging end up in the landfill. You can use them for home, shipping, and many others. Take the time to dispose of properly used cardboard packages. Or you can breathe new life into them by turning them into something for your home and garden. Finally, you’ll feel good about recycling them, a win for you and the Earth.

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