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8 Great Ways To Reuse Corrugated Boxes

If you are one of those people who have a stock of corrugated boxes at one of your home corners, you are standing here at the right place. Storing them isn’t the only option. A lot of people choose to recycle them as well. Before breaking them down, check out this guide. You can reuse the collection of these boxes creatively. Here are a few superb ideas. Let us know if you tried any of these at your home. 

1: Reuse for corrugated boxes For shipping 

It might look insane at first. But, this is one of the unique ways of reusing these boxes at your home. Yes! You can reuse a shipping box for shipping. I often do this at my place. For instance, when I have to send something to one of my friends or family, I prefer to put it in these corrugated boxes. It is a safer way & looks sensible. All you have to do is look for the appropriate sized box & remove all labels. You can also cover them with beautiful wrapping paper to make them look good. 

2: Picture frames you love

Here is a superb idea to convert these boxes into eco-friendly picture frames. I often take a photo on my phone that I love. But, it stays there forever in my gallery. One can use these corrugated boxes to make picture frames. It adds to your home decoration. Also, you reuse those corrugated boxes to free up space occupied by them.  

Have a look at this picture. All you need to make this is a box, scissors, glue, and a few decorative strips to make the border. Now make as many frames as you want & display all of your favorite pictures in your room.

3: Charging station for room  

Hate all those scattered charging wires on the tabletop? This is the time to reuse a corrugated box to make a charging station from it. It will not only hide all those wires to make your room look tidy. But also, it is a sort of decorative item as well. All you have to do is invest some time in having glittery / printed paper to cover this box. Make a few holes & make up the one shown in the picture. 

4: Make Pet beds Via corrugated boxes

Kittens & puppies always love to sit in such boxes. You can make pet beds easily if you have a company’s small or medium-sized corrugated boxes.  When you give your pets this extra room to relax, you will see a fantastic response from their end. You can choose to add a soft pillow or sheet inside it to make it comfy. Your furry friend is going to adore it.  

5: Playing castle for kids 

The incredible thing is to make your children happy with these boxes. You can make them castles, forts, or playhouses out of it. The small custom corrugated boxes aren’t going to work with this. Look for the larger ones from your store collection. The shipping boxes with furniture or appliance might work the best for this. 

Be creative while cutting & then assembling all of them to make a perfect castle or whatever you want to make. Looks boring? Add a few decorative items, make paintings on the front & decorate it nicely. You children are surely going to love this. 

6: Plastic bag dispenser box 

This is the idea housewives are going to love the most. The housewives usually love to keep the stock of plastic bags from grocery stores. Now you can organize all those bags in your kitchen into such a box. You can paint it all to make it look amazing while being placed on your shelf. 

Make sure to make a small hole on the front side. This way, you will easily remove one bag from this whenever you need it.

7: A trash can 

If you don’t have a trash can in your room or want one more, this is the best time to reuse your corrugated box. Take a plain sheet matching your room’s theme. Cover the box with it & use it as a trash can in your room.  You can choose to attach a few decorative items, like a spare bow or a flower at the middle of the front side. 

8: All-purpose container 

Last but not least, you can make an all-purpose box out of it. Like me, you can utilize it in your room or car. I usually have a collection of things at the back of my car. I use to keep them in such a box, arranged & organized.  

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