Four Types of Casual Bottoms to Choose for College Students

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A college is a place that is a hubbub of colors, music, books, ideas, cultures, and people. It is a culture in itself. College gives students the freedom of expression controlled in their schools with uniforms, rules, and schedules. The college has room for chaos and gives students choices and the ability to explore themselves. Find friends beyond the classroom, date, go on trips, have parties, and much more without the watchful eyes of parents or teachers. Amidst all this arises a need to be up to date on the latest fashion styles and to wear comfort and elegance that makes you stand out in a crowd. Since college can be tedious, you do not want your outfits to get in the way, and you do not want to waste too much time worrying over them while at the same time making sure you look your impeccable self. It is a difficult balance and not easily achieved on the first try usually. It takes experimenting and seeing what looks good on you, and you can handle it easily daily. Your clothes reflect who you are and how you feel about yourself. So choosing clothes that perfectly embody you and provide the intended and needed comfort can be tedious. This is where Extratopia helps you. Extratopia has a range of outfits you can choose from that are comfortable, fashionable, and affordable with Extratopia coupons

Here are a few options for casual bottoms to choose from to make your college memories a little more fashionable:

Denim Shorts

These scream comfort and versatility. Denim looks good on anything, and shorts can be matched with crop tops in solid colors or prints. There is a lot of fun with denim shorts, and you can go to town with the combinations you can create using these. They may have frayed hems or chains hanging on them; denim shorts are the most comfortable, especially in the summer heat, and are at the height of fashion. You can just about put on anything on top of them, and who knows, you may create your fashion statement using these. You can find the most comfortable and affordable denim shorts on Extratopia and avail the many Extratopia discount codes

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Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans may sound like a choice that is too subdued or convey trying to hide behind it. But baggy jeans have taken over the clothing line and dominated them in recent years. When showing skin became overrated, baggy jeans were on the opposite side of that spectrum and allowed youngsters to make a statement that they could rock any outfit, with or without showing skin. Baggy jeans look good with sleek tops in solid colors and are comfortable to wear for long hours. You can find the best baggy jeans at affordable prices with Extratopia shopping


If there is anything that says casual, it is joggers. Customarily meant to be sportswear, they have also become a fashion statement in recent years. In today’s fast-paced life, it is impossible to keep changing clothes to suit the occasion, so why not tell the world ‘I don’t care and wear what is comfortable, easy to put on and then not change out of it? This is the message conveyed by these. It is easy to pair with almost anything on top and is very comfortable. Find your favorite colors and designs for joggers on Extratopia at affordable pricing with Extratopia promo codes and enjoy the luxury of comfort at pocket-friendly prices. 

Colorful Pants

Who doesn’t like colors? Everyone does. We live in a world that oozes color from every corner, yet we never tire of seeing it. Colors bring us joy like nothing else. So do colorful pants. They usually are difficult to pair with just about anything on top, but you can work it with tops of solid contrast to the base of the pants or go with black or white tops, which may be crop tops, blouses, or tank tops with colorful button-ups which are unbuttoned. There is a lot of scope in mixing and matching them, and honestly, who looks terrible in colors? Nobody! Colors make you happy when you wear them and make other people happy when they see them on you. So spread happiness with the fantastic range of colorful pants on Extratopia and get them at the price of peanuts with Extratopia offers. 

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Styling an outfit to show your true self has never been easy. But knowing a few tips and tricks always helps make decisions quickly and efficiently. Selfie moments don’t always come at times that suit your comfort so working your current outfit to your best advantage is your best bet at getting the perfect snap the first time. So having versatile clothes that suit your body and personality are imperative. It can seem daunting to think of a new outfit every day, and you do not want to repeat the same combinations, so mixing and matching outfits is needed in a way that complements the beauty of the individual elements and you. Thus the clothing you purchase should be versatile and exciting, not necessarily singular. Because while it may stand out the first time you wear it, it may not work again when you wish to repeat it because the charm of the dress may be gone, and matching it with anything else may not work out the way you intended. So choose carefully and wisely. Extratopia helps you in this as they provide you with a plethora of options to decide from that are of superior quality, promise comfort like no other, and are highly pocket-friendly with Extratopia deals. You can visit their website and see which outfits you wish to purchase that will suit your style and look good on you. Fitting it into your budget will not be a problem with Extratopia sales, allowing you to shop with your heart open and your pockets safe. 

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