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Here we tend to discuss concerning air food, conjointly known as a diet food. For we tend toight loss we strive differing kinds of air food. we tend to use vegetables, fruits and beans for weight loss. These food offer United States protein’s, carbohydrates and vitamins that’s terribly helpful for our diet and health. to take care of our we tend toight we created airfood recipe differing kinds of recipes.

What is Airfood Recipe?

The Airfood recipe instruction is low in calories and useful to your health. you’ll not got to worry conce rningobtainingeliminate low-calorie lunch or dinner with these foodconcepts. we’ve collected seven recipes, from feeder to fruit. therefore the table doesn’t grow boring! And, better of all, several recipes will bereadysimply yesterday, permitting you to bring them to figurewhile not having to facewithin theroom for hours.
Mixed Salad:
For mixed dishinstructionwe tend to use totally different ingredients like, radish, onions, tomatoes, inexperienced olives, cucumber, lettuce leaves and lemon.
 First wash all the vegetables with water.
 After wash the vegetables cut all the vegetables into tinyitems.
 Then we tend to transfer all the cut vegetables into massive bowl and mixed them.
 Next add vegetable oil into the vegetables.
 After add oil next step to feature some black pepper.
 Last add juice into the vegetables and mixed them.
Fruit Salad:
Our next instruction is salad, fruits square measurefilled with protein’s that square measureimportant for our health. totally different ingredients we tend to add likecheerful, orange, grapes, apple, peach, mango, pineapple, kiwi , juice and pure honey.
 First we tend to wash all fruits with clean water.
 After wash all the fruits withdrawthe littleitems.
 Then transfer all the fruits items into the large bowl.
 Next add honey and juice into fruits items.
 Last combine them utterly.

Beet root juice:

Beet root is extremelyhelpful for daily diet. it’sfilled withwealthy vitamin’s. For beet root juice instruction add water, contemporary beet root, honey and dates.
 First wash the beet root and dates.
 After wash cut the beet root and dates into tinyitems.
 Next transfer all the items into the mixer.
 Last add honey and water into the bender and mix them utterly.

Wheat Porridge:

Wheat dishinstructionis extremely easy. In dish add some healthy ingredients like wheat, dates, water, contemporary milk and refined sugar.
 First mix the wheat and build a wheat powder.
 After mix cut the dates into the little items.
 Next step add wheat powder and dates in an exceedingly bowl on a medium to low heat.
 Check if wheat powder develop into brown then add [*fr1] cup water in it.
 Next step add milk, refined sugarand blend them terribly utterly.
Carrot and Banana juice:
Carrot and banana is extremely healthy for way of life. For carrot and banana juice instruction add some ingredients likecontemporary carrots, contemporary dates, contemporary banana and honey.
 Wash all the carrot, banana and dates.
 Next step cut all of them into the littleitems.
 Then transfer all items in mixer and add water in it.
 Last add honey in mixer and mix them utterly.
Cucumber and burn plant juice:
Cucumber and burn plant is filled with wealthy water-soluble vitamin. These were terribly useful and healthy for weight loss.
For cucumber and burn plant juice add some healthy ingredients like cucumber, aloe Vera, honey, juice and honey.
 Wash cucumber and burn plant.
 Next step cut cucumber and burn plant into tin items.
 Transfer all the items in mixer, then add honey and juice in mixer.
 Last mix them utterly.

Final Words

Because nutrition and nutrition square measure the foremost vital factors in your life, healthy feedings vital for your health. Healthy foods with countless vegetables, soups, dishes, or stir-fries offer selection on your plate. Of course, basic salads square measure accessible, however you’ll conjointly prepare low-calorie foods with vegetables and low-fat meats. If you would like to reduce and scale back your calorie intake, you’ll believe you’ll simply eat a dish. However, the subsequent low-calorie dishes show the opposite: these edible recipes not solely separate however conjointly complement you.

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