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How to download YouTube videos for free

Here is our step-by-step guide to download YouTube videos in this article. YouTubers upload thousands of Terabytes of videos every minute. Downloading a YouTube video is considered an illegal and major cybercrime in some countries, yet you have your reasons, correct? This is the way.

There are trillions of long periods high definition videos on YouTube. In a real sense. What’s more, that is not the most bewildering measurement about YouTube, which has been the best and the most popular platform for uploading and watching videos since 2005. Sometimes you truly need or have to have one of those recordings on your PC or telephone. But the question comes to our minds that it is legal to download YouTube videos.

Downloading YouTube videos for personal offline use is somehow legal. It’s more highly contrasting when you consider Google’s terms of administration for YouTube, which read: “You are not permitted to…access, duplicate, download, circulate, send, broadcast, show, sell, permit, change, alter or in any case utilize any piece of the Service or any Content aside from (a) as explicitly approved by the YouTube; or (b) with earlier composed consent from YouTube and, if appropriate, the individual privileges holders.”

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Watching YouTube videos offline through informal channels takes cash from Google and video makers. There’s an explanation YouTube runs advertisements: People make a living like this.

Downloading and stealing YouTube videos from YouTube is illegal. But if you want to share them, you are welcome, and YouTube has made it pretty easy with just a single click, but you are not supposed to download YouTube videos most of the time.

Notwithstanding, you have your reasons. If you should download a YouTube video-totally need to, only for yourself, and not so much for scattering, and not be a complete douche-spout, this is the way.

Note: The content on this page is being updated frequently because some of the sites mentioned get flagged by Google or the antivirus tools if they notice it. So we request you to keep checking this blog before you decide to visit any site or download any tool mentioned here.

To make it convenient and simple for our users, we have selected some safety tools that can help you download YouTube videos safely. All tools include services like:

  1. The tool should support HD downloads with a minimum of 4K downloading option for free.
  2. It should also work with the top three video locales: YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo.
  3. Download whole playlists or directs in a clump (on YouTube), basically with a paid rendition.
  4. Result to MP3 for sound (or proposition buddy programming that does as such).
  5. User-friendly interface which is easy to use.
  6. Doesn’t collect any personal information.
  7. Doesn’t contain any popups or trick you with any malware.

We have ensured that the sites and software mentioned in this article are free from any malware, don’t redirect you to any other sites, don’t use Cloaker to trick you, and are safe to use.

YouTube Premium Downloads

Presently accessible for supporters of YouTube Premium-the paid adaptation of YouTube that permits you to watch without advertisements are video downloads. Sort of. There’s one proviso with quality: All the video you download is restricted to 1080p quality max or lower. No 4K.

Source YouTube

The greatest issue is this element doesn’t download a video to save money on your PC for eternity. It is more similar to the download include found on versatile applications for Netflix and Hulu, which makes a web-based video accessible to observe later utilizing your neighborhood stockpiling and perspectives it utilizing the application’s connection point as it were. This technique permits you to watch a video utilizing different programming, such as the VLC Media Player.

You can check the downloaded videos by going to the YouTube dashboard menu and choosing Downloads to see the rundown of what you’ve gotten. The page says, “Downloads stay accessible as long as your gadget has a functioning web association once like clockwork.”

This most likely isn’t, by and large, the thing you are searching for in a download. In any case, the apparatuses beneath convey precisely that.

Download YouTube Video with the Desktop Software

Outsider programming is where you will deal with downloading on the web recordings. Normally, you glue the URL for the YouTube video you need into the program, and it downloads the best form it can find. MP4 for the format is for 1080p High Definition (HD) format. For anything better, 4K or 8K-the video format is MKV.

Previously, YouTube recordings were Flash-based, so your download was an FLV document; however, those will generally be more enthusiastically to playback. MP4 (short for MPEG-4 Part 14 interactive media design) plays all over

Note that the MKV record, likewise called a Matroska, is a compartment the document could contain video using quite a few codecs inside. The idiot-proof method for playing them everything involves the VLC Media Player for Windows, which plays everything.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is the best option to download YouTube video and is free for Windows, macOS, and Linux. We already mention VLC Media Player above because it’s an awesome apparatus for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients that playback pretty much any media at any point made. It is a little difficult to download YouTube videos via VLC. (Assuming you run into any issues, attempt a full re-introduce VLC and clear your reserve to make it work.)

vlc media player
Representational Image | Source VLC

Duplicate a URL from a YouTube video, then, at that point, open up VLC Media Player. Select Open Network Stream (Ctrl+N) and paste it into the URL from the menu. Click Play. When the VLC is playing video, go to Tools > Codec Information. A container at the base called “Source”- duplicate the URL you find in that case.

Once again, from the browser, paste the URL-it’s an impermanent web address and will terminate in the end in the location bar and begin playing the video. While you see the video in the program, click the 3-spot menu at the lower right for the download choice to keep it locally.

The problem with the VLC player is that it won’t download YouTube videos higher than 1080p quality even if the original video quality is 1440p or 4K. Also, it doesn’t convert videos to MP3 format. You can turn to other video downloading tools such as the Desktop software for such features.

4K Video Downloader

4K video download is free to use, or you can subscribe for $15 for a lifetime which gives you additional benefits such as you can use it on 3 PCs; Windows, macOS, Ubuntu Linux, Android

4K Video Downloader
Source: 4K Video Downloader

Multi-lingual 4K Video Downloader4K Video Downloader (4KVD) is often refreshed and includes clear download joins on the program’s site; no promotion traps here. The product does what it publicizes in a basic point of interaction. It gets quality recordings up to 8K and downloads to many organizations. Essentially duplicate a YouTube URL and snap the Paste Link button to get everything rolling.

One of the top benefits of the 4K Video Downloader is that it will even snatch captions, whole playlists, and every one of the recordings in a feed to which you buy-in. The destinations upheld are restricted to huge names like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and a couple of others; however, that covers the greater part of what you want. It shows an enormous pennant promotion to keep the lights on, and you’re restricted to 30 downloads a day on the free form.

I needed to switch from MP4 to MKV arrangement to get my test video to download in 4K. 4KVD caught the film trailer’s 3-minute, 229.7MB record in around one moment and 20 seconds. 4KVD defaults to 1080p HD, so I did a similar switch while downloading an Ultra High Definition (8K) playlist.

If you empower the Smart Mode and its presets, 4KVD can perform single tick downloads to your cherished organization. If you plan to download more than 25 recordings in just one go or buy into YouTube feeds to download the most recent immediately, it requires the paid form. Playback of the subsequent MKV documents using VLC Media Player was perfect.

The program chooses to separate sound to MP3 design, so you don’t require the 4K YouTube to MP3 sidekick programming.

VideoProc Video Converter

VideoProc Video Converter will cost you $59.90 annually, $78.90 lifetime, $119.90 family (2-5 PCs), and it can be downloaded on Windows macOS. The strong VideoProc from Digiarty arrives in a supervisor release and this converter, which additionally gives altering and impacts. The downloading perspective is extraordinary, an adaptation like Digiarty’s WinX YouTube Downloader, which you can, in any case, find however isn’t advanced by the organization nowadays.

VideoProc Video Converter
Source VideoProc Video Converter

This checks out, as VideoProc Converter handles many downloading, evidently supporting 4K from north of 1,000 sites. With equipment speed increase, it guarantees some speed. Fortunately, it now and again offers value limits.

To utilize it, you open the product to distinguish your equipment to see what you need to assist with speed increase (regardless). Click the Downloader button, click Add video to put however many URLs you need to group, and afterward Download Now. Or then again, you can get an entire YouTube playlist or live transfer.

It got our 697MB test 4K video to WEBM design in around 2 minutes and 15 seconds, which isn’t awful. The best part is that the preliminary form of VideoProc Converter, which limits changes to 5 minutes, doesn’t seem to restrict downloads.


FlixGrab video downloader costs $44.99 and can be used on Windows operating system like others; FlixGrab has a few distinct projects accessible, numerous covering highlights. For instance, it has FlixGrabMS (a form you get from the Microsoft Store to run on Windows 10/11)- however, it wouldn’t allow me to snatch video from YouTube.

Source FlixGrab

The straight download of the FlixGrab program from the webpage took care of business with YouTube and a few different locales; additionally, it offers a Free YouTube Download that is explicit to YouTube, yet utilizes the equivalent simple to-utilize interface.

The drawback, likewise with others, is the high membership cost, yet it’s the best way to get great downloads. The YouTube-just form is considerably less expensive at $9.99 each year, be that as it may. Neither accompanies a time for testing.


The free 5KPlayer is a free tool for Windows and macOS and is not just a video downloader; it has an amazing coordinated downloader. Promising no infections, promotions, or module prerequisites is a decent beginning. The problem with 5KPlayer is that it asks for basic personal information like your name and email to access more than 450+ sites. However, you can choose to register free to download YouTube videos.

Source 5KPlayer

While downloading, the program attempts to conceal a few basic things. Paste in the URL for a video, and the examination motor runs and shows a couple of download choices. Click the stuff symbol, then, at that point, the Show All button, and look to see more like a 4K 3,840-by-2,160 document in WebM design.

The 227MB WebM test download required a horrifying 6.5 minutes. Getting playlists was conceivable, yet you should change download settings for each video in turn. The confounding connection point makes it difficult to return to different recordings in the playlist.

5K Player additionally includes DLNA server playback so recordings you get can be watched on any gadgets that help DLNA; in addition, it upholds AirPlay for fast playback to Apple gadgets.

Pick a video in the library for fast change to MP4, MP3, or even ACC (the sound organization liked by iOS). However, the player tried to avoid playing back the excessively huge 4K record and experienced buffering issues (VLC didn’t dislike a similar document).

At last, there’s a ton to like around 5K Player, from the cost to the elements, particularly assuming you view them as additional items on a downloader. However, the terrible connection point, slow download rates, and playback issues might make them look somewhere else.

Assistant Websites to download YouTube Videos

Would you like to try not to introduce programming? Video download partner locales should accomplish the download work for you. Every one of them does something fundamental: You give them a YouTube URL (or another video website, whenever upheld), they parse it, provide you with a decision of what size download you need, and give a connection to said download.

They work on any stage, now and then, even on cell phones. You don’t need to introduce anything on your PC. It can take much longer, contingent upon the size and nature of the video you need, yet you can’t beat the comfort.

The issue is you can’t constantly trust them. There are many of these sorts of locales out there-it appears anybody with a small amount of coding capacity has set them up. Such websites effectively go from valuable to dubious, particularly assuming they get well known and the owner auctions out to make cash your visits.

Since this story was first distributed, all the aide destinations we suggested have been eliminated because of reasons like adding physically express advertisements, done working, changing to pushing its download utility just, and one for leaving the business to try not to get sued.

Consequently, we’re not suggesting any partner destinations right now. Attempt one on the off chance that you track down it, yet if your program, antivirus, or senses hurl admonitions, stay away from it and continue.

Browser Extensions to download YouTube videos for free

A program expansion can save you a stage. Nonetheless, you will run into certain issues with downloading video from YouTube, particularly on the off chance that you involve Chrome as your essential program.

The Chrome Web Store-where you get Chrome program augmentations is constrained by YouTube’s proprietor Alphabet/Google. Indeed, an augmentation for this intention won’t permit YouTube direct downloads due to Chrome Store limitations. As a general rule, downloading any RTMP convention video (safeguarded recordings) or real-time video with Chrome expansions is unimaginable. You can utilize them on different destinations with video. Simply not YouTube.

Need to get around it? You can get a browser extension that doesn’t come from the official Google Web Store. A portion of the projects and helper sites offer a browser extension and explain how to do the introduction without the Chrome Web Store’s help. The following are a couple.

YouTube Video Downloader

YouTube Video Downloader is free for Chrome, UCBrowser, Opera, Vivaldi, and Edge browsers. Download YouTube videos from Addoncrop is on numerous programs with magnificent sideload abilities. It puts a button beneath anything video you’re playing on YouTube, or even an implanted YouTube video, making it simple to get. Upheld video quality goes up to 8K. You can likewise change the sound from the video over to an MP3. It will even assist you with taking video screen captures.

Video DownloadHelper

Video DownloadHelper is also a free extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and upholds countless locales, even those for adult users and is a great option to download YouTube Videos. You’ll realize a YouTube video is downloadable when the symbol for the browser extension lights up exactly when you’re on the download site page. Video DownloadHelper for Chrome doesn’t work with YouTube anymore; it could get a position in the Chrome Web Store. Users can get around that by utilizing the Video DownloadHelper browser extension on Firefox or Edge, all things equal to download YouTube videos.

Download YouTube Video for Android

Downloading from YouTube utilizing an Android application from the Google Play Store is a test, considering that Google has a firm grasp on the webpage it possesses and offers the paid YouTube Premium help that upholds disconnected survey.

With Android, it is feasible to introduce applications without going through Google. E.g., InsTube – Free Video and Music Downloader app for Android can be downloaded directly from InsTube’s official webpage. Download the APK (Android application bundle) record to sideload on an Android gadget. Observe it in your gadget’s downloads and snap to introduce. (You might need to go into your security settings and empower “Obscure sources.”)

On iPhones and iPads, you’d figure there would be no such limitation since Apple and Google aren’t awesome of buddies (or perhaps they are). Be that as it may, on the iOS applications I have attempted, wouldn’t they download from YouTube? On the other hand, they’re ordinarily not accessible for long. One of such apps has mentioned in their description that, “Downloading from YouTube is denied because of its Terms of Service.” Apple is guaranteeing that application producers carry on reasonably even Google’s guidelines.

Chances are, the moment you find an iOS application that can download YouTube recordings, it will get “fixed” or restricted. The genuine main choice is to escape your iPhone and use sideloaded applications that download what you need.

There are workarounds. One is to buy into YouTube Premium; it allows you to download video on your iPhone or iPad to observe later, much as Netflix and Hulu do.

Documents by Readdle is another IOS option to use. Goto to the Safari browser, open the desired YouTube video and utilize the Share choice to track down Copy Link. Then, at that point, return to Documents, and utilize the implicit program in the application to surf to a video download partner website. Paste the link to the bar (hold your finger down on it until it is pasted properly.

The website will give you the connections to download YouTube videos, and you can save the record to Documents. Hold and drag the record up until you’re back on the primary screen, then, at that point, drag it to the Photos envelope. Initially, you’ll have to allow Documents to get to Photos of your phone. You can then access the video like any video taken on the telephone or tablet in the Photos app of your phone.

Another workaround: Visit your Desktop again and then attempt AnyTrans for ($39.99 for a solitary PC for one year, Windows or macOS), a work area record administrator for iOS devices with a coordinated downloader supporting 1000+ sites, including YouTube and Facebook. It’ll move the download videos to the iPhone for you over the USB link. Regardless of whether you pay for AnyTrans, the download choice remains parts and is free until the end of time.

YT Scribe

Need a genuinely special way to “download YouTube video? YT Scribe allows you to get the record so you can peruse them, all things being equal. It auto-translates, intersperses, and sections the text. The best the captions, the better the “article,” obviously. The best part is that it’s free.

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