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Save From Net is a service that helps users download and save videos from the internet on different platforms, including YouTube Videos, Instagram Videos, TikTok Videos, and many other social media and video streaming platforms.

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Technology is touching new heights; almost nothing is impossible. Downloading videos from the net is another addition to the technological wonders. Before Save From Net, users were required to buy expensive tools and install them on their computers to download online videos. But now you can do that without any software and without paying a single penny.

When it becomes difficult for users to download and save videos on their devices, the Save From Net service comes into play. However, not all videos are legal to download and then save on your devices using any Save From Net service. Saving videos from online platforms can land you in legal trouble.

Before saving videos and any other material via Save From Net, you need to read the terms and conditions of the particular site, e.g., YouTube videos; we suggest you read YouTube terms before you decide to take such a step. Downloading videos from YouTube or any similar platform requires the site owner’s and the author’s permission.

Save From Net Interface.

Save From Net sites have a simple and user-friendly interface to save videos from the internet. You can copy the video URL, paste it in the Save From Net converter bar, and the press starts to finish the process.

SaveFrom is a perfect videos downloader platform that will help users download videos from any video-sharing platform without paying for any subscription or tools.

How to download videos from SaveFromNet?

Here is a 4 step easy process to guide you on how to download and save videos on your device to enjoy them later and forever:

  • Copy the desired video you want to download from any video-sharing platform, such as TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.
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  • Go to the Save From Net site and paste the already copied URL into the bar.
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  • Click on the “Start” button.
click start to download from net
  • After that, you will be given the option to choose the correct format that you wish to download. The best the quality, the bigger the size of the file will be, and the more time will take to download.
select video format
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  • Once you have decided on the format you need, click on the “Download” button to begin the process. Depending on your internet speed, the download process will be time-consuming.
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  • As soon as the downloading process is complete, you can go to the download folder and begin enjoying the video.

Is it free to use the SaveFromNet site?

Almost all the savefromnet sites are free to use, the user will be able to download and save their favorite content, and the site owners will earn from advertisements. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. However, sites that redirect users to different sites should be avoided, as their only aim is to bombard users with malware scareware. In some cases, they steal the personal information of the users.

Are all Save From Net sites safe?

The clear answer is No, a big No. That is because the site owners of most of these sites have only one purpose in mind: to redirect you from one page to another to earn commission from the sites they redirected you from their Savefromnet URL.

How Can I Differentiate From Safe and Unsafe Savefromnet URLs?

The simple method is to have your browser and device fully protected. Make sure your device has proper antivirus security, such as McAfee, Norton, Webroot, or any other you wish to have. Also, please keep in mind that your browser is secure as well becuase you are going to access these Save From Net sites through your browser, so your browser must have security.

You can install extensions like McAfee WebAdvisor, a Free extension from the trusted brand McAfee that helps you browse safely and confidentially.

Are all Save From Net sites safe

Another option is Norton Safe Web, a similar tool to McAfee WebAdvisor. Norton Safe Web allows users to check the URL’s safety level, which means you will know if the Savefromnet you are about to visit is safe to visit or not before you click on the website link.

Safe and Unsafe Savefromnet URLs

However, Norton Safe Web is a paid tool, and you need to purchase any of the Norton products such as Norton Antivirus or Norton 360 to use the Norton Safe Web browser extension.


Savefromnet is one of the best and free online tools to help users download videos from the net. However, it is illegal to download videos from sites such as YouTube unless you have the proper authority to do so. We do not encourage users to download videos from the net, and we are not a videos downloading site. However, we tried to describe how it is done safely and legally. Please feel free to provide feedback through our comment section if you have any feedback.

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