Instagram Story ideas to boost sales (easy-to-apply triggers that top brands and influencers employ)


Do you get your brain fried when you post stories? followers on Instagram Find the best stories that can draw the attention of your product regardless of what you sell on Instagram. click here

Instagram Story ideas to boost sales (easy-to-apply triggers that top brands and influencers make use of)

Stories can be an excellent method to increase the attention of your followers. In addition, the more comments and shares you get from stories, the more efficiently your content will be promoted by Instagram.

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Learn from examples of the best models to include in your stories if you’re managing your business account or marketing yourself as an influencer.


Saint Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day are right around the next corner. Every top Instagram-based store misses this chance to increase sales and increase sales. Follow their lead. You can apply some of these strategies not just during the holiday season, but any time you have to increase your spending.

A compelling sequence of stories could entice visitors to browse your site and make a purchase. Each of them is stimulating and inspiring.

In addition, I’ll discuss some strategies to tell stories that can help brands earn mind-blowing profits.

Inspire stories to be more urgent

The ill brand is a vegan online fashion label. Check out their accounts to discover effective strategies to increase revenue on Instagram.

The concept is easy and efficient – utilize the timer sticker when you promote discounts through stories. Other elements of a good selling story include:

  • Use a clear copy that has an amount of discount that is declared.
  • Make use of images of your product as the background.
  • Install the timer sticker located in the settings of your story. Choose the date and time that your offer is due to expire.

Include a link button in your post. If there aren’t the followers to make this work, you can include a CTA asking users to click the link within your bio.

To create the next stories in this series, you can use images of the products that have discounts.

In a conclusion create a CTA. @luxetokill has a simple caption, “Shop now, 20% off coats.”

People might not notice your feed posting, but they often go through stories. Consider the following example when planning big online sales.

Find story concepts that are killer

Keep track of the stories of your competition by automating. There is no need to look them up manually. In fact, will save all content.

For instance, you could make gift cards and offer a discount to those who purchase items using them. If this is the case the on-site sales increase significantly if people pick what they would like to purchase for a reduced price.

It’s a great idea to publish a series of stories that announce gift cards, particularly before the Christmas season.

Use bold text with an uncluttered background. If you’re not advertising certain objects or collections, you shouldn’t be too concerned about the background of your story. Pick a hue that matches your brand’s personality.

Divide your message into several stories. Be careful not to include all the information you can in one piece of writing

Post and sell in stories

The @boohoo brand is a world-renowned fashion brand that lets you learn effective sales methods that which you could apply to every product in the retail market. Let’s look at why their deals on stories are outstanding.

Technique: If you have several items for sale on your website, you can place only the best pieces in stories, such as @boohoo. It’s much simpler for customers to find them.


I’m betting that following this impressive display, these products will be sold out like hotcakes.

Create profitable stories.

In the current Valentine’s Day sale, @egooficial offers the best matching shoes and bags from their selection. You can apply this concept to sell your products as well.

Make suggestions for ready-made combinations of goods in your stories. If its clothes, you can style things that make people want to buy the entire pack at a bargain price.

The premise in these narratives is quite simple:

Create an introduction story to explain to users why you offer a discount on matching sets.

Create a collage of images of both items. Include prices and an online link to buy.

Now, your followers are eagerly awaiting updates to your story on your account. Products are your best items to feature in an Instagram account, but you are aware of how to enhance the content.


If you’re promoting an individual image through Instagram to be an influencer take note of these suggestions for future stories.

Successful campaigns in collaboration with top brands

The @maurahiggins account is an Instagram model that is a successful campaign for top brands. You can however use her methods to improve your strategy for content.

The concept is straightforward The content of stories doesn’t have to be original. You can repost your feed as an article. This means that it is more likely for more readers to be able to see it.

show the product in stores

Can it be easy for you to make money selling leggings via Instagram since there are plenty of leggings? It’s all about appearance.

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In the most recent stories in the series, Katie shows off a legging while examining every aspect. She depicts the fabric and shows her movements like she’s speaking to her best friend. In addition to this, the influencer provides a promo code offering an additional 50% off. Do you think you can resist purchasing? I’m guessing not.

Therefore, a thorough and authentic product demo could boost sales through stories.

In her most recent collaboration with the brand, she used the live stream to tell stories. She performed an online craft and showcased the @amazonhandmade items. After a life lesson, she shared a story that mentioned this account, where people can purchase handmade and crafty items.

This can be a great approach if you are trying to sell products that require demonstrations and tutorials. You must be prepared to go live. However, this connection with your local community is one of the most welcoming and efficient in terms of lead generation.


If you’re not sure what to put in your IG stories, you can look up the top Instagram accounts (not necessarily from your particular industry). Find winning strategies that will increase engagement and keep them interested, and boost revenues.

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